Neo-Nazi Monopoly: Pass the swastika, collect £200

By Jennifer Lipman, December 6, 2011

A Holocaust survivors' group has reacted with horror at the emergence of a neo-Nazi version of the popular board game, Monopoly.

Pogromly is designed in the same way as a traditional Monopoly board, but instead of players racing around to purchase properties, it features pictures of Hitler, caricatures of Jews and concentration camps in the spots usually reserved for stations or "chance" cards. Instead of Water Works and the Electric Company there is a "gasworks" property and instead of Go, players start on a swastika symbol.

The "game" is understood to have been around for 13 years and to have been developed by members of the National Socialist Underground, a terrorist group allegedly behind the murders of at least ten people since 2000.

According to Germany's FAZ newspaper, Pogromly has been sold to neo-Nazi activists to fund their activities over the years. One member of the cell wanted for murder surrendered to the German police last month, enabling the game to come to light.

Elan Steinberg, the vice-president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants, said that the game itself was "merely a trivial footnote to the monstrous crimes these individuals are charged with".

He added: "But the visual impact made by this twisted theme on such an innocently remembered childhood item, serves to punctuate the all-consuming hatred that drove these people."

Last updated: 3:26pm, December 6 2011