'Tribunal' attacks Israel

By Moira Schneider, November 10, 2011

Michael Mansfield QC has attacked Judge Richard Goldstone's view that Israel is not an apartheid state, saying the judge had been "seduced by an illusion".

Delivering the findings of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, held in Cape Town last weekend, the UK barrister said: "MK Haneen Zoabi has been categorised as a 'threat to security'. They want to withdraw her citizenship. Tell me that's anything but institutional apartheid."

The Tribunal found that "Israel subjects the Palestinians… to a regime of domination amounting to apartheid as defined under international law."

Mary Kluk, chairman of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, said that the proceedings were "stage-managed so as to depict Israel in the most damning light possible without even a token effort to subject Palestinian actions to similar scrutiny."

Last updated: 12:12pm, November 10 2011