'Racist' film Drives woman to court battle

By Jennifer Lipman, October 11, 2011
Ryan Gosling stars in Drive

Ryan Gosling stars in Drive

A disgruntled film fan is suing a cinema after the action film she booked tickets for turned out to contain "dehumanising racism" towards Jews.

Sarah Deming, from Michigan, bought tickets for Drive having viewed the film's trailer, which and seen publicity that suggested it was similar to the Fast and Furious franchise.

But when she watched the film, which stars Ryan Gosling, she discovered it was far more violent.

In a lawsuit filed in Michigan against the cinema and the film distributor, she said Nicolas Winding Refn's film "substantially contained extreme, gratuitous, dehumanising racism directed at members of the Jewish faith.

"It thereby promoted criminal violence against members of the Jewish faith," read her complaint. "It bore very little similarity to a chase, or race action film."

The film features a number of Jewish characters, including a violently-inclined Jewish mobster called Nino, who is the villain of the piece.

Ms Deming is only suing for the price of her ticket but, despite having been offered a refund already, decided to take the case to court.

Last updated: 2:23pm, October 11 2011