Mumbai killer's execution appeal to be heard

By Jennifer Lipman, October 10, 2011
Devestation in the aftermath of the Mumbai attack

Devestation in the aftermath of the Mumbai attack

The Pakistani terrorist sentenced to death for his role in the Mumbai killing spree nearly three years ago has had his execution stayed.

Ajmal Kasab, now 23, was the only surviving gunman of the November 2008 attacks. He was convicted of murder following a trial in which it was alleged that he had been trained by banned Pakistani terror group Lashkar-e-Tayyiba.

In July he launched an appeal and today India's Supreme Court accepted a delay in order to hear his challenge to his conviction and death sentence.

"We have to afford him full opportunity to defend himself," said the court. "That is the price we have to pay to uphold the supremacy of law."

The appeal is expected to take place in January.

More than 160 people died during the brutal three-day siege, including six people at a Jewish centre. One of ten gunmen, Kasab was implicated in the deaths of 50 people at Mumbai's main train station.

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