Students blow old shofar record away

By Jennifer Lipman, October 4, 2011

Canadian schoolchildren have broken the world record for shofar blowing.

Pupils at the Associated Hebrew Schools of Toronto gathered before Rosh Hashanah to blow 1,406 shofars simultaneously.

The feat is almost double that of a 2006 effort in Boston, when a paltry 796 rams' horns were tooted.

In order to complete the challenge students brought in shofars from home and held shofar-making workshops.

The school now needs to submit the record to Guinness World Record officials for approval.

Headteacher Eric Golombek told York Region News that the event had been five years in the planning. "It was an opportunity to bring our community together and create excitement and inspiration," he said.

Last updated: 4:25pm, October 4 2011