Sarah Jessica Parker's unkosher drinking game

By Anna Sheinman, September 15, 2011
Sarah Jessica Parker with the Sex and the City cast

Sarah Jessica Parker with the Sex and the City cast

Jewish actress Sarah Jessica Parker has suggested a not-so-kosher drinking game for her new film I Don't Know How She Does It.

In an interview with gossip website PopSugar she suggested that every time viewers saw her character's husband (played by Greg Kinnear) eat bacon, they should drink.

The film, released in the UK on Friday, stars the Sex and the City actress as a working mother, conflicted by her dual roles of successful business woman and loving wife and mother.

Consumption of non-kosher food on a film set caused trouble last year when Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were filming Going the Distance in the home of an Orthodox family in New York.

Mr Long's character had to eat a burger, and the non-kosher meat was prepared on the family's grill.

The studio replaced the grill and utensils when filming ended.

Last updated: 4:04pm, September 16 2011