'Jew or Not Jew' iPhone app targeted by racism group

By Jennifer Lipman, September 14, 2011
Mark Zuckerberg: Jewish?

Mark Zuckerberg: Jewish?

In recent months developers have created iPhone apps for hunting Nazis, finding chametz before Passover and encouraging Palestinians to rise up in a third intifada.

Now, technology which asks users to guess whether people are "Jew or Not Jew" has provoked the ire of anti-racism campaigners.

The app, sold for less than £1, was released last month and comes in English and French.

It offers users the chance to guess which politicians, entrepreneurs and Nobel Prize winners are of the Jewish faith, and includes "Popular Jew" and "Random Jew" sections.

It is sold in France amongst other places. The French group SOS Racism said it violated the country's prohibition on identifying people based on their religious affiliations.

They said Apple should remove the app from its store and do more to monitor offensive material sold for Apple technology.

Last updated: 12:39pm, September 14 2011