Holocaust graves in Ukraine to be marked

By Jennifer Lipman, September 7, 2011

Memorial stones are to be erected at the sites of mass killings of Jews in the Ukraine during the Holocaust.

The first ceremony, to be held next week at the site of a mass grave in the town of Baryshivka, marks 70 years since Jews were killed by the Nazis in towns around the Ukraine.

In Baryshivka, 90 Jews were shot on November 21 1941, and the community's cemetery was destroyed by the authorities in the 1960s.

The project has been organised by the Lo Tishkach Foundation, with help from the Association of Jewish Communities of Ukraine.

Lo Tishkach was set up to protect and mark Jewish burial sites across Europe six years ago by the Conference of European Rabbis and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

Its name translates in Hebrew as "do not forget" and part of its work has been to create a database of Jewish cemeteries and mass graves on the continent.

Around 900,000 Ukrainian Jews were murdered during the Holocaust, some 60 per cent of its pre-war Jewish population.

Last updated: 4:05pm, September 7 2011