Housekeeper arrested for kidnapping rabbi's baby daughter

By Jennifer Lipman, August 26, 2011

Police have arrested a former housekeeper who lost her job and then allegedly abducted the baby daughter of her former employers, an Orthodox Jewish couple.

Gloria Suraez had worked for the Hayempour family for six weeks but when the summer job came to an end she concocted a plot to kidnap five-month-old Esther and take her to Uruguay.

She apparently purchased baby supplies, food and clothes as part of her elaborate plot.

She is alleged to have kidnapped the baby under the guise of saying goodbye to the family, but after the terrified family alerted the authorities she was detained at the train station.

Ms Suarez, 55, told Long Island police that she believed the baby should belong to her because she could offer more love and attention.

She has been charged with second degree kidnapping and resisting arrest.

Last updated: 10:25am, August 26 2011