List of Jewish academics 'to boycott'

By Ilaria Myr, July 28, 2011

An Italian blogger has attempted to start a boycott of 162 Jewish professors.

Blogger Dagoberto Husayn Bellucci, who runs Islam-Italia, an information portal for Italian Muslims, posted a list of names online with the comment: "We invite readers to make a good use of this."

"What is most worrying about Bellucci's list is the neo-Nazi tone, which is evident in quotes from antisemitic and Nazi authors," said Stefano Gatti, a researcher at Milan-based Centre for Contemporary Jewish Documentation.

Antisemitic blacklists are not new in Italy. In 2008, a list of Jewish lecturers titled "Get out university Jewish scum" was published on blogging platform Since it was first posted, the list has attracted new entries including the names of four judges and the MP and journalist Fiamma Nirenstein.

Last updated: 4:24pm, August 4 2011