Bear attack on teenage campers in Alaska

By Jennifer Lipman, July 25, 2011
Brown bears: they look friendly, but can be dangerous

Brown bears: they look friendly, but can be dangerous

A Jewish teenager is recovering after being mauled by a grizzly bear while on a wilderness survival expedition.

Joshua Berg, 17, was camping with six friends in the Alaskan mountains when the fun was interrupted by the furry attacker. The brown bear was thought to have been accompanied by a cub.

After the attack, the unhurt members of the group managed to alert the authorities by setting off an emergency signal.

They were rescued by state troopers the following morning and four of the boys were hospitalised.

Joshua, from New York, came away with the most serious bites and is recovering in hospital. He was described by his grandmother Gloria as an "adventurous kid".

The group were more than three weeks into a month-long educational trek when the attack took place.

Don Ford, regional director of the National Outdoor Leadership School, which organised the trip, said the remaining participants had been sent home.

But he said that in 40 years of outdoor trips in Alaska, there had never been a bear attack.

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