Egyptians want Shakira boycott after Israel speech

By Jennifer Lipman, June 28, 2011


Shakira may have vowed "Whenever, Wherever" with the first hit of her career, but if protesters have their way she will have to take Cairo off her list.

The musician is the subject of a Facebook campaign to stop her performing in Egypt in November, launched after she spoke at President Shimon Peres's conference in Jerusalem.

According to Egypt’s al-Dostor newspaper, several Facebook pages have been set up including one named "No to Shakira concert in Egypt after she went to Israel".

Some of the protesters also want Shakira banned from entering the country because she now has an Israeli stamp on her passport.

The singer, who is of Lebanese descent, has never played a concert in Israel, whereas she performed in Egypt three years ago.

While in Israel last week, she spoke of her desire to see the world work together on problems such as education. She said she had respect and "great affection" for both the Israelis and Palestinians.

Last updated: 9:29am, June 28 2011