Nazi Joseph Goebbels' Berlin home for sale

By Jennifer Lipman, June 22, 2011
Joseph Goebbels

Joseph Goebbels

House-hunters looking for a home abroad with lakeside views, greenery and plenty of space could be in luck – if they don't mind buying a property previously owned by Adolf Hitler's right-hand man.

A German company is hoping to attract buyers for a house near Berlin which was occupied for seven years by Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels.

The sellers have not yet set a price for the property but said they would reject offers from people who were too focused on its Nazi history.

The plot, which covers 70,000-square feet, is located just minutes from the site of the Wannsee conference where the Final Solution was decided in 1942

Irina Daehne, a spokeswoman for the estate agents in charge of the sale, said: "We can say no and we will say no; nobody wants the right-wing scene there."

Goebbels, who poisoned his six children and then committed suicide soon after Hitler on May 1 1945, bought the property in 1936.

Interested buyers have until August 22 to decide what price to offer.

Last updated: 3:41pm, June 22 2011