Nazi tattoo - where's the arm in that?

By Jennifer Lipman, June 2, 2011

A politician who claimed to be unaware of the significance of the Nazi slogan tattooed on his arm has quit.

Gerry Leitmann said he would leave the Ebenthal municipal council in southern Austria after the controversy over his body art erupted last month.

Mr Leitmann had "Blut und Ehre" (blood and honour) written on his arm, a phrase commonly associated with Hitler Youth of Holocaust-era Germany. The tattoo came to light when he wore a short-sleeved shirt at a council meeting.

The 31-year-old, a member of Austria's far-right Freedom Party, said he regretted resigning. But he added that he had not been familiar with the "historic connections" of the tattoo when he chose it four years ago.

Although he is no longer in office and has vowed to have the offending tattoo removed under Austrian law Mr Leitmann could still be prosecuted.

Last updated: 12:14pm, June 2 2011