Tony Kushner accepts honorary degree at New York university

By Jennifer Lipman, May 25, 2011
Tony Kushner at a ceremony for another honorary degree

Tony Kushner at a ceremony for another honorary degree

Tony Kushner has accepted an honorary degree from a New York college following the controversy over his being given a degree from another university because of questions over his stance on Israel.

Mr Kushner, the award-winning writer of Angels in America, was given the award during the Manhattan-based New School's graduation ceremony on Monday.

The university's president David Van Zandt described Mr Kushner as one of America's "foremost public intellectuals".

"Discussion and dissent are fundamental," Mr Van Zandt said. "Tony Kushner's presence at our commencement ceremony reflects the shared values of our university and of this graduating class."

Earlier this month Mr Kushner's name was removed from a list of those eligible for an honorary degree from City University of New York, due to the objections of a board member about the playwright's record of criticising Israel.

After the furore Mr Kushner's name was returned to the list. He is expected to still accept the honour at the CUNY graduation ceremony on June 3.

Last updated: 4:52pm, May 25 2011