Jewish groups praise 'extraordinary' moment of Bin Laden capture

By Jennifer Lipman, May 2, 2011
Bin Laden was killed nearly a decade after the September 11 attacks

Bin Laden was killed nearly a decade after the September 11 attacks

Jewish groups have congratulated the United States government for its "relentless pursuit of Osama bin Laden".

The American Jewish Committee expressed its "heartfelt admiration and appreciation” following President Obama’s announcement that the al-Qaida leader had been killed in Pakistan, almost ten years after the September 11 attacks.

David Harris, executive director of the AJC, said: "This is an extraordinary moment for all concerned about the fight against international terrorism.

"It sends an unmistakably powerful message of American resolve to go after those who would wreak human havoc in the name of their perverted hatred, packaged as fanatical faith."

He said more needed to be understood about the details of the mission, but added: "We can only breathe a sigh of relief and express profound gratitude that, nearly ten years after the horrors of 9/11, the killer-in-chief has, at long last, been hunted down and killed."

The Republican Jewish Committee also congratulated those behind the mission "on a job well done".

They added: "We must remain vigilant against the continued threats from the forces of radical Islam and from those around the world who wish to do us harm."

Last updated: 3:14pm, May 2 2011