Senate calls on UN to rescind Goldstone report

By Jennifer Lipman, April 15, 2011
Judge Richard Goldstone

Judge Richard Goldstone

The US Senate has agreed unanimously to a resolution calling on the United Nations to rescind the Goldstone report into Operation Cast Lead following comments by the author discrediting parts of it.

Two weeks ago Judge Richard Goldstone admitted in the Washington Post that the report had wrongly accused Israel of indiscriminately targeting civilians.

Members of the US Senate have now backed a text asking the UN Human Rights Council, the body the report was commissioned by, to "to reflect the author's repudiation of the Goldstone report's central findings, rescind the report and reconsider further Council actions with respect to the report's findings."

It also calls on the UN's Secretary General to take note of Judge Goldstone's allegation that the HRC was biased against Israel and help "reform" the body so that it "no longer unfairly, disproportionately, and falsely criticises Israel on a regular basis".

The text said Ban Ki-moon should "do all in his power to redress the damage to Israel's reputation".

Judge Goldstone last week said he would not ask the UN formally to withdraw the report.

Last updated: 11:07am, April 15 2011