Isn't this antisemitism old news, Poland?

By Nissan Tzur, April 14, 2011
Headline hate: “One day all this will be your yours, son,” says the man

Headline hate: “One day all this will be your yours, son,” says the man

If its media is anything to go by, antisemitism is raising its head once again in Poland.

The recent decision by the Polish government to withdraw a restitution law that would have compensated Jews who lost property during the Holocaust has sparked an anti-Jewish campaign reminiscent of the darkest days of the Second World War.

The underlying message of dozens of news reports and op-eds published in recent weeks is that the Jewish demand for property is a threat to Poland.

But the popular weekly, Angora, took the insinuations to a new level. In its last edition, it ran on its front page (pictured right) a photo of two Orthodox Jews, father and son, looking at Warsaw. The father's speech bubble reads: "You see, son, some day all this will be yours", and above, the headline is: "They are already demanding more than $60m. What else can we give the Jews?"

Inside the magazine, an article reads: "Except death and taxes, the only certain thing is that the Jews will always want their property back from Poland… Most of the Jews were already compensated by Germany, and Poland transferred over $40 million to US Jews, so this claim is baseless. Some Jews maybe hope that if the law passes, they will be able to claim for property that did not really belong to them.

Meanwhile, the biggest Polish news site, Onet, ran articles last month expressing sympathy for the Itamar murderers. In response, Polish Jewish leaders have expressed their concern that media antisemitism could lead to attacks against Jews in the country.

Last updated: 11:15am, April 14 2011