A plague on both your iPhones for Passover

By Jennifer Lipman, April 14, 2011

An American iPhone application developer has found a way to bring the ten plagues into the 21st century.

Jeff Eagle's "Plague Audio" app features the passage read about the plagues during the Seder, along with sound effects to bring each one to life – from the croak of a frog to the sound of a hailstone crashing to the ground.

Mr Eagle came up with the idea after using props including small plastic animals and plastic bags to entertain his children during the service.

"Since the idea of the Seder is to get children interested and involved, our family has always used the Exodus story of the Ten Plagues as an opportunity to add drama and fun to the evening," he said.

"My kids had thought they had seen it all until I added an audio element."

Last updated: 9:30am, April 14 2011