High-steaks drama at New York kosher restaurant

By Jennifer Lipman, April 8, 2011
Lindsay Lohan enjoyed a meal at Prime KO last week

Lindsay Lohan enjoyed a meal at Prime KO last week

A fashionable kosher steak restaurant in Manhattan has found itself at the centre of a broiges after residents complained diners were disturbing the peace.

The Upper West Side Prime KO eatery has hosted guests from Lindsay Lohan to Sopranos star Jamie Lynn Sigler — and even Israel’s chief rabbi, Yona Metzger.

But after almost a year of guests chatting until the early hours outside the restaurant after their meals, boisterous celebrations for Purim and the traffic caused by limousines parked nearby, the locals have had enough.

As a result, the restaurant could be denied a licence for outside seating.

At a community meeting about the situation, resident Charles Abbott said he had been forced to buy a white machine to block the noise from the restaurant. He said: "It's a place to party, and it's very difficult to contain the noise.”

But Prime KO’s director of operations told New York website DNAinfo that the charges were untrue. Steven Traube said: “There's no dancing in the restaurant, we don't have a cabaret licence, they're coming to eat.”

Last updated: 12:24pm, April 8 2011