Steve Jobs wants your chametz gone

By Jennifer Lipman, April 8, 2011
How to get rid of this with a smartphone

How to get rid of this with a smartphone

Pesach preparations would be far easier if we could clean the house at the touch of a button.

An American company has not quite managed this feat, but it has developed an iPhone application to help search for those last scraps of bread.

The free “No Chametz” app, available for iPhone and iPad, offers users the correct blessings for every stage of Bidukat Chametz (search for chametz) and works as a flashlight during the search.

GPS technology means it also informs you the exact times by when leavened products must be destroyed and the blessings to say when doing so. The app even links to organisations wh ich will buy your chametz from you before Pesach.

Unfortunately, technology has not yet been developed for an iPhone to say the Ma Nishtana or track down the afikomen.

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Last updated: 11:36am, April 13 2011