iPhone app helps remember the dead

By Jennifer Lipman, February 22, 2011

An Australian woman has developed an iPhone application to help mourners observe the Yahrzeits (anniversaries of the death) of their loved ones.

Gila Rakusin-Frankel came up with the idea for the iYahrzeit after she marked four years since the death of her brother Arie. Now available to download, the technology automatically reminds people of when an anniversary falls.

It also converts dates from the Hebrew calendar and comes with an English translation of the Mourner’s kaddish.

“It’s difficult to know or remember when a loved one’s Yahrzeit occurs, as the dates change every year,” said Ms Rakusin-Frankel.

She added: “Remembering and acknowledging Yahrzeits show that you truly care about the soul of the departed and the loved ones who are mourning”.

A similar application, the iComfort, has also been developed, with guides for users on how to make a shiva call and how to greet mourners.

Last updated: 12:27pm, February 23 2011