Medvedev: Russia needs Israeli-style airport security

By Jennifer Lipman, January 25, 2011
Dmitry Medvedev

Dmitry Medvedev

The Russian president has said that the country will adopt Israeli-style security procedures in order to prevent a repeat of yesterday’s devastating suicide bombing.

Speaking less than 24-hours after a bomber blew themselves up in the middle of Moscow's Domodedovo airport, Dmitry Medvedev said "comprehensive checks" as used in Israel would be the only solution.

At least 35 people were killed in the attack, and many more were injured. Islamist militants from the Northern Caucasus region of Russia, which includes conflict-zone Chechnya, are believed to be behind the attack.

Mr Medvedev criticised the fact that entrances to the airport were only partially restricted before the blast.

He said: "Terrorism remains the main security threat to our state - the main threat to Russia and all of our cities.

With Russia due to host the Winter Olympics in 2014 and the World Cup in 2018, Mr Medvedev vowed to improve security.

He added: "The evidence from the scene of the crime tells us that pure anarchy reigned. People were allowed to walk in from anywhere.”

A Moscow-based Chabad rabbi who was called to the scene soon after the attacks told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that what he witnessed was “horrifying”.

Rabbi Sheah Deitsch said: "Families were screaming and wailing."

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his support of the Russian government in its fight against terror. He said: "Terror is international, and so the response to it must be international.

"If we unite we will suppress the terrorists and thwart their plans."

Last updated: 3:43pm, January 25 2011