Jewish mother matchmaking site launches

By Jennifer Lipman, January 19, 2011
Danielle, Barbara and Brad Weisberg

Danielle, Barbara and Brad Weisberg

The stereotype of the Jewish mother meddling in her children’s love-lives has moved one step closer to the truth.

A site allowing Jewish mothers to pick potential sons and daughters-in-law has launched in Kentucky in the United States. was set up by Danielle Weisberg and her brother Brad at the end of last year, after their mother Barbara got involved in his online dating search.

After Mrs Weisberg found ten potential partners for her son in two hours, the siblings decided the idea would be worth expanding.

With the help of a computer-programmer friend they created a website allowing other parents to search for matches for their sons and daughters.

In addition, the site offers anxious mothers the chance to check potential partners by contacting their parents for further information.

The Weisberg’s said: “Kids should listen to their parents when they tell you that you’re not going to find Prince Charming in a bar.

“We [want] to give the power of matchmaking through the internet to parents.”

Last updated: 12:33pm, January 19 2011