'Mumbai man in terror plot'

By Nathalie Rothschild, January 6, 2011

Three out of five men arrested last Saturday for plotting a terror attack on the headquarters of Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten are Swedish citizens with roots in the Middle East.

One, the 29-year-old Lebanon-born Munir Awad, had been arrested twice before on suspicion of terror activities. The other two suspects are Iraqi and Tunisian citizens.

Jyllands-Posten reported last week that David Headley, who helped plan the 2008 Mumbai attacks, had been in contact with a businessman in Stockholm over the plot.

The five accused are being held for planning a massacre similar to those carried out in Mumbai. According to the Danish intelligence agency PET, the plan was "to kill as many people as possible". In 2005, Jyllands-Posten published the now infamous Mohammad cartoons that triggered violent protests around the world.

In 2007, Awad publicly thanked the Swedish intelligence agency S├Ąpo for arranging his release from Somalia after he was detained there. In 2009, he was arrested in Pakistan. When the Swedish media reported on his arrests, Awad filed a complaint with the press ombudsman, claiming his reputation had been tarnished.

Last updated: 1:48pm, January 6 2011