Orthodox nurse wins payout after job cut for Shabbat observance

By Jennifer Lipman, December 20, 2010

A Jewish nurse who lost a job offer after she refused to work on Shabbat has won more than £25,000 in compensation.

Before she took the job at the hospital in New York, Alisa Dolinsky, who is Orthodox, told her potential employers that she would not work on Shabbat. However, she offered to work on Saturday evenings and Sundays.

But in response to her request, the hospital retracted the job offer.

Ms Dolinsky, 34, said: “They told me if that's the case, if you can't work on Shabbat, we can't offer the job."

After the incident, which took place in 2007, Ms Dolinsky, began legal action against the Color-Goldwater Specialty Hospital and Nursing Facility on Roosevelt Island.

After a long legal battle, the New York City Commission on Human Rights agreed to the settlement and compensation.

Last updated: 12:24pm, December 20 2010