Nazi outfit next to Michael Jackson costume in Japanese store

By Jennifer Lipman, December 7, 2010
A Don Quijote store

A Don Quijote store

Japanese shoppers can no longer buy a “joke” Nazi costume after mangers at the country’s Don Quijote chain withdrew the outfit in response to complaints.

Until recently the costume - a black jacket with an armband featuring a red swastika – was on shelves at the discount stores next to outfits for dressing up as Michael Jackson or as a ninja.

The Nazi costume was on sale for £8 and came in a package with "Heil Hitler" written on it in Japanese and a drawing of a person resembling Adolf Hitler.

After Don Quijote received a letter of protest from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, the chain announced the product would no longer be stocked.

However the costume is made by a company called Aico, who have not said whether they would stop making it.

An Aico spokesman said: "This was meant purely as a joke, as something that would easily be recognisable.

“If we have complaints we will certainly stop sales.”

In September a Turkish supermarket chain owned by the retailer Tesco said they would withdraw a Nazi helmet on sale for just £8.50.

Last updated: 12:00pm, December 7 2010