Doughnut eater scores Facebook hole-in-one

November 25, 2010

There is a new cult activity on the internet - watching how many doughnuts a Chanucah-obsessed Israeli can eat.

Elie Klein, a 30-year-old father-of-two from Beit Shemesh, has Facebook users from all over the world following his doughnut consumption, and pledging big money to charities for each fried 500-calorie snack he eats.

On Wednesday, after around a week of doughnut-eating and with six full days to go before the first Chanucah light, he had already eaten 30 doughnuts and was raising 322 shekels - more than £50 - for each.

By the end of Chanucah, when he finishes, the doughnut-count and reward for each one eaten will have risen "significantly" - but he would not talk numbers.

He said: "Last year I joked with my wife that I was eating so many doughnuts that someone should sponsor me.

"My campaign this year has proven the power of social media and human kindness. I didn't force anyone to donate - there was not a single solicitation. I simply invited my Facebook friends to the 'event' and to get others involved, and updated my totals in real-time, thanking every new sponsor as they came along."

Recipient charities include the international cancer charity Chai Lifeline and the Israel-based One Family Fund for victims of terrorism.

What about the weight gain? Is this Super Size Me kosher-style? Mr Klein, who is 5 ft 9 in and weighs 10 st 5 lb, said: "Thus far nothing gained. I was blessed with a crazy metabolism - thank the good Lord."

Last updated: 2:01pm, November 25 2010