How my Supernan took off

By Jennifer Lipman, November 25, 2010
The flying nan: aided by Photoshop

The flying nan: aided by Photoshop

A French photographer has transformed his 91-year-old Holocaust survivor grandmother into a superhero.

Sacha Goldberger, from Paris, began snapping grandmother Frederika in unusual costumes and poses three years ago to try to cheer her up.

He has since taken thousands of them and now has more than 2,200 MySpace followers. They have also been exhibited in a gallery.

Mrs Goldberger, who was born in Budapest in 1919, emigrated to France when Hungary was under Soviet control.

During the Holocaust she and husband, Michi, helped other Jews go into hiding, constantly moving them between a series of safe houses .

"She and my grandfather are heroes to me," said Mr Goldberger. "They saved lives even when they were themselves in great danger. The pictures are a good way for me to speak about what happened to her because she was a Jew.

"It's important for me to do things with her," he said.

He said his grandmother finds the photographs "amusing" although she sometimes says she is too old to pose for them.

He added: "My mother is getting used to it, but she never imagined seeing her own mother in such costumes and pictures."

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