Turkish Tesco offers Nazi bargain

By Jennifer Lipman, September 26, 2010
Kipa was bought by Tesco in 2003

Kipa was bought by Tesco in 2003

A British tourist has expressed his surprise at finding Nazi helmets on sale in a supermarket owned by Tesco.

Cambridge resident Lee Gillett came across the “black Nazi helmets” – on sale for just £8.50” – in a store in a Turkish seaside resort.

The helmets were being sold at a Kipa supermarket in the town of Bodrum. The Kipa chain was bought by Tesco in 2003.

Tesco, founded in 1919 by Jewish businessman Jack Cohen, started as a stall at Well Street Market in Hackney. The first Tesco store opened 13 years later in Burnt Oak.

Mr Gillett, 50, told the Sun newspaper: “Jack will be turning in his grave.”

A Tesco spokesman apologised for offence and said that the helmets would no longer be sold by the chain.

In August a Catholic school in Australia awarded the top prize in a fancy dress competition to a pupil dressed as Adolf Hitler.

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