Israelis in Moscow shul 'expulsion' row

By Jennifer Lipman, September 5, 2010

A dispute has broken out between the rabbi of a Moscow synagogue and a group of Israeli tourists who claim they were evicted from the building on Shabbat.

As part of a tour of Jewish sites in the Russian capital, the 14 Israelis went to see a 19th century synagogue near the Kremlin. But rather than invite them in, the rabbi asked them to leave.

The Israelis said that they had been expelled because the rabbi objected to them having also visited several churches.

But their version of events has been questioned.

Writing on the Israeli news website Ynet, a Russian Jew said: “In reality the group entered on Shabbat and the guide was using [an] electrical microphone.

“He was told that that it was not the right time and place to do this.”

Last updated: 2:03pm, September 5 2010