Justin Long's not very kosher film

By Jennifer Lipman, August 24, 2010
Justin Long and his co-star Drew Barrymore

Justin Long and his co-star Drew Barrymore

Actor Justin Long has revealed the kosher conundrum at the centre of his new film Going the Distance.

Scenes from the comedy film, which also stars Drew Barrymore, were shot at the home of an Orthodox Jewish couple from Queens in New York.

But the script called for Mr Long’s character to eat a hamburger at their dining room table.

“The prop guy was making the burgers on the grill that they owned. They found out about it and got very upset because it was not kosher food.”

However he said the studio replaced the grill and utensils after the shoot.

Mr Long also said they shot a love scene at the house. The actor joked: “Somebody raised the point, ‘well if they had a problem with that meat’.”

But Mr Long, best known for appearance in He’s Just Not That Into You, said of the couple: “They were incredibly sweet people.”

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