Mazel tov from Obama, Schwarzenegger and the Queen

By Jennifer Lipman, August 16, 2010
As it could have been...

As it could have been...

It would have been a guest list like no other, had all those invited to Travis’ barmitzvah been able to attend.

Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth and the late Charlton Heston were just some of the big names who made the list.

Sadly all the politicians, statesmen and celebrities who were sent invitations to the party in August 2007 by Travis’ father Gregory declined.

But 41 at least had the courtesy to reply and, after seeing another web user boast about a wedding message from the president, Travis has posted the responses online.

Barack Obama’s “quick note” to Travis came on the stationery of his 2008 presidential campaign.

The then-senator wrote: “Now that you are celebrating your entry into adulthood, I encourage you to dedicate yourself and your talents to creating positive change in the world.

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also extended his “sincere congratulations”, while the Nigerian president said he “would have loved to share the joy of the occasion” but could not because of political duties.

Prince Charles’ secretary explained that “His Royal Highness’s diary for August was confirmed several months ago, and, very sadly, other long-standing commitments that day mean he is unable to join you.”

Meanwhile Queen Elizabeth’s lady-in- waiting sent a polite reply, but declined to include a signed photograph for the barmitzvah boy. However actor Charlton Heston (now dead) and the presidents of Ethiopia and Poland did oblige in that request.

Although unsuccessful, Gregory did everything he could to tempt the celebrities to attend the barmitzvah.

On the original invitation, he wrote: “This should be a nice ceremony and we will have great food afterwards!”

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