'Mossad man' facing extradition to Germany

By Jennifer Lipman, August 6, 2010

An alleged Mossad agent is to be deported to Germany in the next ten days after a Polish court upheld an earlier ruling.

Uri Brodsky, an Israeli suspected of involvement in the killing of a Hamas operative in Dubai, was arrested on a Europe-wide warrant in Warsaw in June.

He was alleged to have helped another Mossad agent gain a false German passport by using a concocted story of Germany ancestry.

In July a regional court decided to extradite him to Germany, where he is likely to be tried for falsification of documents.

However German newspaper Der Spiegel reported that Mr Brodsky may only be fined and not face a prison sentence, as he is not being extradited for espionage charges.

The passport Mr Brodsky reportedly helped obtain was used by one of the members of the group accused by Dubai police of carrying out the assassination of Mahmoud al Mabhouh.

The Hamas operative’s death has been widely attributed to Mossad.

Last updated: 12:02pm, August 6 2010