Outcry over Polish 'NaziSexyMouse' poster

By Jennifer Lipman, July 14, 2010
The image is also on display in Germany

The image is also on display in Germany

A poster featuring a swastika, Disney’s Mickey Mouse and a naked woman installed just yards from a synagogue has caused outrage in a city in western Poland.

The image advertising an upcoming art exhibition has already been vandalised twice, while a member of the Poznan city council has called for it to be banned for breaching Poland’s strict regulations on glorifying Nazism.

The "NaziSexyMouse” image is part of a project by an Italian artist and a version has been on display in a Berlin gallery.

Another work in Max Papeschi’s "Politically-Incorrect” series depicts Ronald McDonald as a soldier holding a machine gun.

Poznan council member Norbert Napieraj said it should not be displayed because it “is a form of violence against the sensitivity of many people.”

Alicja Kobus, the head of Poznan's Jewish community, also condemned the work as revolting. She said: "It is a shock for people who still scarred by the hell of the Holocaust.”

But gallery director Maria Czarnecka said: "Art should be provocative and controversial.”

This is the latest in a series of artistic works which have generated international criticism for their treatment of the Holocaust, including a video of a Holocaust survivor disco dancing at Auschwitz concentration camp.

Poland’s 3.5 million-strong Jewish community was almost wholly obliterated during the Holocaust.

Last updated: 4:33pm, July 14 2010