Dutch police plan decoy Jews

By Jennifer Lipman, June 23, 2010
Dutch MP Ahmed Marcouch

Dutch MP Ahmed Marcouch

That may or may not be a genuine Jewish person you see walking around Amsterdam.

In a bid to reduce antisemitic hate crime Dutch police have revealed plans to post “decoy Jews” around the city.

If the idea is approved by the city’s mayor, police will be dressed in religious clothing and posted in Jewish neighbourhoods to catch out attackers.

Authorities have reported a rise in antisemitic assaults in several Dutch cities, with Jews in some Amsterdam areas reportedly unable to “cross the street wearing a skullcap without being insulted, spat at or even attacked”.

The unorthodox approach was suggested by Ahmed Marcouch, a Moroccan born politician following the emergence of footage of young Moroccan immigrants making Nazi salutes and shouting at a rabbi.

Mr Marcouch said such an incident was a serious concern and required action.

"I say, send fake Jews to arrest the attackers. Everything must be done to keep this phenomenon from growing."

The strategy would not be entirely new to the Netherlands. Crime fighters have already posed as prostitutes and grandmothers to target attacks in Amsterdam’s red light district.

Last updated: 9:47am, September 20 2010