Bibi to meet Barack Obama at White House

By Jennifer Lipman, June 21, 2010
Barack Obama with Bejmain Netanyahu

Barack Obama with Bejmain Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has arranged to meet President Barack Obama in Washington next month.

Following Israel’s announcement that it will ease the blockade of Gaza, the two leaders are to meet at the White House on July 6 to explore “additional steps” for the region.

A meeting had been scheduled for June 1 but was postponed in the wake of the clashes on the Gaza-bound flotilla.

Welcoming Israel’s move in relaxing the land blockade to allow civilian material into the area, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said the United States would work with Israel and other partners in the region to "explore additional ways to improve the situation in Gaza, including greater freedom of movement and commerce between Gaza and the West Bank."

He added: "There is more to be done.

“The president looks forward to discussing this new policy, and additional steps, with Prime Minister Netanyahu during his visit to Washington.”

Last updated: 11:36am, June 21 2010