Hamas education website slammed by Unesco

By Leon Symons, November 19, 2009

A website used by Hamas to educate children and young people in Gaza violates every international educational standard set by Unesco, according to a new report.

The website, Al-Fateh, “instructs its young audience in hatred and incites them to bloodshed and suicide… [it] is against the fundamental rights of children”, says the report.

The report has been compiled by the Israel-based Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE), which usually reports on school textbooks but took on this project because of the extreme material it discovered on the website.

The report, which has taken six years to produce, was unveiled in Britain in Westminster at a meeting chaired by Tory MP Patrick Mercer, chair of the parliamentary sub-committee on counter-terrorism.

David Oman, IMPACT’s communications director, said that as recently as September 15 the website asked in a quiz: “Who was the first woman to kill a Jew?”

He said: “The pinnacle of Al-Fateh, the worst aspect, was calling on children to become the next generation of suicide bombers and murderers.”

Last updated: 4:10pm, November 19 2009