Former 'Nazi' charged with killing 58 in Austria

By Jessica Elgot, November 17, 2009

A German court has charged a 90-year-old man with 58 counts of murder for killing Jewish forced laborers in Austria.

The former SS guard has been charged with killing the Jewish labourers in Deutsch-Schetzen, in eastern Austria.
The murders were allegedly committed on March 30, 1945, just over month before the German surrender.

The suspect has not been identified by the Duisberg state court, but he is said to be a resident of the town.
The court will now decide within two weeks whether the case should be brought to trial.

Prosecutors in Austria said the accused man took Jewish forced labourers into a forest "where they had to give up their valuables and kneel by a grave".

"The accused and other SS members then cruelly shot the Jewish forced-labourers from behind," the prosecutor alleged.

BBC News reported that the remains of the victims were found in a mass grave in 1995 by Austrian Jewish Association.

Earlier this week, an Australian court approved the extradition to Hungary of 88-year-old Charles Zentai, accused of murdering Jewish teenager Peter Balazs in Budapest in 1944.

The Hungarian prosecutors have two months to complete the extradition, which Mr Zentai's family will fight.

He is listed as one of the Simon Wiesenthal centre's 10 most wanted suspects.

Last updated: 1:41pm, November 17 2009