House of Representatives condemn Goldstone

By Jessica Elgot, November 4, 2009
The US House of Representatives has voted to condemn the Goldstone Report

The US House of Representatives has voted to condemn the Goldstone Report

The US House of Representatives has condemned the UN Goldstone Report by an overwhelming majority, calling the report “one-sided and distorted”.

The representatives voted 344 to 36 to endorse a symbolic resolution to condemn the report which was highly critical of Israel’s conduct during the Gaza offensive early this year. Twenty-two of the delegates declined to vote.

The report will be discussed at the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly today in New York.
The US House of Representatives resolution, backed by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, urged President Barack Obama strongly to oppose any endorsement of the report by the United Nations.

Mr Hoyer said: "The Human Rights Council mandates for the report specifically targeted Israeli actions, ignoring the deliberate Hamas attacks on civilians that provoked Israel's self-defence in Operation Cast Lead."

Democratic Representative Betty McCollum criticised the House for passing the resolution. She said: "This resolution is blatantly biased and it damages US credibility. It seeks to hide the ugliness of the Gaza war by covering up violent excesses committed against innocent civilians by both Hamas and Israel.”

Britain and France have delivered a proposal to the United Nations calling on Israel and the Palestinians to launch an immediate inquiry into allegations of war crimes committed by both Israel and Hamas.

Arab delegates are expected to call on the UN General Assembly to act on Judge Goldstone’s recommendations, which included referring Israel and Hamas to the International Court of Justice in the Hague if no action had been taken within six months.

Last updated: 5:08pm, November 4 2009