Iran nuclear plan tentatively agreed

By Jessica Elgot, October 21, 2009
Nuclear negotiator Mohammed ElBaredi

Nuclear negotiator Mohammed ElBaredi

Iran has agreed a draft proposal from US, Russian and French negotiators in Vienna to export three-quarters of the country’s enriched uranium.

Under the new deal, 75 per cent of Iran’s low enriched urainium will be shipped out of the country and enriched elsewhere. The uranium would be treated enough to be used by Iran for medical research but not enough to make weapons.

The talks in Vienna, which were meant to conclude on Monday have dragged out for almost three days. Now the representatives in Vienna have until Friday to get the deal approved by their respective governments.

Announcing the agreement, International Atomic Energy Agency director Mohamed ElBaradei said: "I have circulated a draft agreement that in my judgment reflects a balanced approach to how to move forward."

"The deadline for the parties to give, I hope, an affirmation action is Friday. I cross my fingers that by Friday we have an 'okay' by all the parties concerned."

ANALYSIS: Deal is a victory for Obama...for now.

Last updated: 3:55pm, October 21 2009