Bayern Munich apologises over ‘Auschwitz’ tweet

By Josh Jackman, March 16, 2016
Bayern tweeted this image

Bayern tweeted this image

German football club Bayern Munich has apologised after posting a picture that some complained was reminiscent of Auschwitz concentration camp.

The image featured train tracks running up to Bayern’s Allianz Arena below a sign emblazoned with Italian club Juventus’ slogan “Fino Alla Fine” - meaning “until the end” - crossed out in red.

Bayern posted the image on their official Twitter account on Wednesday morning, ahead of their Champions League second-round match against Juventus.

In a statement on the same account, the club wrote: “Unfortunately, our matchday graphic has been misunderstood to represent historic events, something which was never intended.

“If we have hurt the feelings of Juventus fans in particular or any other users as a result, we sincerely apologise.

“Our only intention with the graphic was to play on the sporting aspect of this evening's Champions League last-16 tie, whereby one of the two teams has to exit the competition.”

Bayern has Jewish roots, boasting two Jewish founders and appointing a Jewish president and manager before the Second World War. As a consequence, the club was targeted by the Nazis when they came to power.

Last updated: 6:13pm, March 16 2016