Everyone 'knew what was going on' at Auschwitz says former guard

By JC Reporter, March 11, 2016

A 92-year-old former Auschwitz guard has testified that it was impossible not to know what was happening in the Nazi camp.

Jakob Wendel, a former SS guard who was convicted and served time in Poland after the war, gave evidence on Friday at the Detmold state court in Germany as part of the trial of Reinhold Hanning.

Hanning, who was a camp guard and SS sergeant, is suspected of working in the Nazi death camp during the "Hungarian Action" in 1944, when thousands of Hungarian Jews were gassed.

He is accused of being an accessory to murder on 170,000 counts.

Hanning has admitted he was a guard at Auschwitz but has denied taking part in any executions.

However, Wendel, who arrived at the camp in 1942, told the court that anyone there for an extended period "knew what was going on".

Last updated: 3:35pm, March 11 2016