Hamas is Isis says Fatah

September 4, 2014

There is no difference between the beheadings carried out by Isis and the [Hamas-run] kangaroo courts executing people in Gaza." This was not said by Benjamin Netanyahu, but Fatah leader Tawfik Tirawi this week.

Some of the harshest things said about Hamas in recent days have come from their ostensible unity government partners, Fatah.

Last weekend, the Fatah Central Committee accused Hamas of stealing a large proportion of the aid sent to Gaza by Israel during the recent conflict.

President Mahmoud Abbas has attacked Hamas for repeatedly turning down ceasefire proposals, blaming them for the deaths of over 2,000 Gazans. In response, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal last Thursday accused the PA of "suppressing the resistance".

The PA has arrested dozens of Hamas members in the West Bank, partly in retaliation to similar arrests in Gaza.

Nevertheless, both factions are expected to keep to the unity deal - at least partially - and the joint government is not about to be disbanded.

Last updated: 3:46pm, September 4 2014