Israeli surgeons treat Yazidi

By Shira Rubin, August 22, 2014

A Yazidi father and son have watched the crisis unfolding in northern Iraq from the recovery room of Wolfson Hospital in Holon, Israel, where the one-year-old received life-saving heart surgery.

The two were spirited across a number of borders with the help of various NGOs, including Save a Child's Heart and Kurdistan Save the Children. Israel regularly treats children from the West Bank, Gaza and other Arab countries.

"By God, it is amazing, there is so much humanity here, not only for my son but also for other children from all over," said Abu Wisam.

While Mr Wisam has recently heard from his wife and father in Iraq, he still fears for his fellow Yazidis who face death at the hands of Sunni militant group Islamic State (IS).

"I hope the world will hear our voices and our requests for help," he said.

Last updated: 1:45pm, August 22 2014