Bulgaria bomber identified

By Nissan Tzur, July 25, 2014

Bulgarian authorities have announced that they have identified the suicide bomber responsible for the murder of five Israeli tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria, on July 18, 2012.

In a statement issued by the Bulgarian State Agency for National Security and the General Prosecutor's office, the perpetrator was identified as Mohamad Hassan El Husseini, who had dual Lebanese/French citizenship and who was born in Lebanon in 1989.

According to the Bulgarian authorities, he used a fake driving licence in the name of Jacque Felipe Martin to enter the country.

"The identity of the perpetrator of the bomb attack at Burgas airport is firmly established following DNA tests," read the statement. The investigators added that relatives of Husseini had praised him as a "martyr" on social networks.

Five Israeli tourists and one Bulgarian were killed in the explosion in the bus at Safarovo Airport in Burgas.

Last year, Bulgarian investigators named two other suspects involved in the attack, also of Lebanese origin. The pair, still at large, are Hassan El Hajj Hassan, 25, a Canadian citizen, and Meliad Farah, 32, an Australian.

Last updated: 12:45pm, July 25 2014