Israeli among victims of Malaysian plane disaster

By Sandy Rashty, July 18, 2014
Itamar Avnon (Photo: Facebook)

Itamar Avnon (Photo: Facebook)

An Israeli man was among 298 people killed in the attack on a Malaysian Airlines plane yesterday afternoon.

Itamar Avnon was on the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when the plane was shot down in eastern Ukraine in what has been described as an act of terrorism.

Mr Avnon, an IDF paratrooper who fought in Operation Cast Lead, was on his way to Australia.

His father, Dov Avnon, posted a message on Facebook thanking family and friends “for your words on condolence”.

He wrote: “My son Itamar was on the plane that crashed over the Ukraine. He was on his way back to Australia after a trip to the Netherlands. He survived the military service – but is the victim of a plane that crashed.”

He described his son as a “special guy” who loved to travel, learn and had a talent for business.

Authorities have not yet confirmed who shot down the flight.

Last updated: 4:19pm, July 18 2014