Fury over Hungary whitewash war statue

By Valentina Jovanovski , April 24, 2014

Protesters in Budapest are holding daily demonstrations to try to stop the construction of a controversial monument commemorating the victims of the German occupation, which they say is an attempt to whitewash Hungary’s role in the Holocaust.

Construction began on April 8, despite the government’s promise to postpone it until after Easter.

Protesters, including many from the Jewish community, have been dismantling barricades around the building site daily and laying candles, yellow stars and pictures of Holocaust victims.

They vow to continue demonstrations until the planned completion of the statue on May 31.

The monument will depict a German eagle attacking the Archangel Gabriel, meant to symbolise Hungary. Critics say it portrays Hungary as a victim of the Nazis and minimises the Hungarian authorities’ role in the Holocaust.

Andrea Zoltai, one of the protest’s organisers, said she hoped to “obstruct the building of this disgusting

Last updated: 2:00pm, April 24 2014