‘Longest ever Gaza tunnel’ extended 700 metres into Israel, according to IDF

By Charlotte Oliver, March 25, 2014
A view from inside the tunnel (Photo: IDF)

A view from inside the tunnel (Photo: IDF)

A tunnel thought to have been built by Hamas to attack Israel extended 700 metres into Israeli terrority, the IDF has announced. It is the longest yet discovered.

The earthwork was unearthed near the border with the Gaza strip, after heavy rainstorms exposed one of its entrances in Israel.

Its length took it close to the Israeli communities of Kibbutz Nirim and Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha.

Hamas denied that it built the tunnel, claiming it was an old construction dug by Islamic Jihad and damaged months ago by bad weather.

Following days of searching, the army found the tunnel followed a single route, with few extending branches; it varied in depth from eight to 20 metres.

In the last six months, the IDF has uncovered three tunnels extending into Israel – mostly relying on bad weather to help them in their searches. But according to an engineering officer, they are now working on more advanced technology to help them locate.

An IDF spokesperson said the army was making “every effort to locate these infernal tunnels. We’ll continue this activity until we locate and destroy every last one.”

Last updated: 10:01am, March 25 2014