Bomb blast injures IDF troops near Syria border

By Daniel Easterman, March 18, 2014
IDF troops patrolling the Israel-Syria border in 2011 (Photo: IDF)

IDF troops patrolling the Israel-Syria border in 2011 (Photo: IDF)

Four Israeli soldiers have been wounded by a roadside bomb that exploded under their vehicle in the Golan Heights near the border with Syria.

Three of the wounded soldiers are said to have sustained light to moderate injuries while the fourth is in a serious condition.

Israeli forces responded with artillery fire and confirmed that several targets were successfully hit.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayhu said: “A short while ago, an IDF force went over a bomb in the Golan Heights. I wish those wounded a speedy recovery.

“The border with Syria is filling up with jihadi and Hizbollah forces. In recent years we have managed to maintain calm in the face of the civil war in Syria. We will also act firmly to safeguard the safety of the state of Israel.”

Tension has been steadily rising on Israel’s northern border since media reports indicated that the Israeli Air Force attacked a weapons shipment inside Lebanon on February 24 which was reported to be en route to Hizbollah.

Last updated: 4:49pm, March 18 2014